Perfectly Imperfect with Christine and Regina
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Perfectly Imperfect is the show where Christine and Regina share their stories as women openly and honestly. Listen in on their conversations as they talk about everything and anything from defining their self worth to laughing about awkward first dates. So grab a cup of coffee and let's share all the feels!

New episodes every TUESDAY!

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    #33 - Not Fitting In with Dan Matthews (DANakaDAN)

    Have you ever felt like no matter what you did, you just didn't quite fit in... or belong? Is it you? It is your fear of rejection or past pains? Or is it everyone else?

    This week our community soul brother aka Dan Matthews comes by to explore why he still feels out of place even though he has countless friends. Dan shares how he's still navigating through life trying to find and embrace his true identity. Korean adoptee aka rapper aka community leader aka host aka friend aka.. Dan.

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    #32 - Fake It Till You Make It with Amy Okuda (amyokuda)

    Our comedic soul sister Amy Okuda joins us this week to talk about confidence. The three of us may come off as confident women on the outside, but do we actually feel as confident as we look? Most people encourage the idea of faking it till you make it but how do you do that when it makes you feel like a fraud?

    We answer all types of questions about confidence such as where does ours come from? When do we feel least confident? How do we overcome our own doubts and insecurities? Find out this week on Perfectly Imperfect!

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    #31 - The Ugly Truth About Popularity with Ashley Matsunami (ashmats)

    Not everything is what it seems. From the outside, things can look sparkly and flawless, but what is it really like on the other side? Is the grass really greener? This week, we invite our ray of sunshine soul sister, Ashley Matsunami @ashmats to explore the different masks we've each had put on since childhood and what they look like now as grown women.

    After digging through our past, we finally own up to ourselves and tell the true stories of why we are the way we are. Spoiler alert: Being bullied and bullying has a lot to do with it.

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    #30 - Disappointing Our Dads with Cassey Ho (blogilates)

    Our relationship with our dads affect every aspect of our lives, especially as women. It shapes how we see our self worth, how we give and receive love, our sense of security + self confidence, etc.. But what happens when you don't get along with you dad? How can one of the most important relationships in your life that's supposed to be filled with love and acceptance is instead filled with anger and misunderstandings?

    This week, we explore these exact questions with our own Asian Oprah sister, Cassey @blogilates!! She opens up about her difficult times with her dad and how it still currently impacts her self esteem. We give our best advice on how we've learned to bridge the gap and have that father daughter relationship we've all wanted.

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    #29 - Getting Bare Naked with THE Wesley Chan (thewesleychan)

    This week, we sit down with our first male guest and our very dear brother friend THE Wesley Chan! We've been there for each other, through so many years of ups and downs, growth, and laughs so we wanted to sit down and reflect on what each of us are really chasing and why.

    When it comes to chasing perfection, we wanted to dig in deeper and explore what that means to each of us. How do we factor it into the different facets of our lives and where does it stem from? Everyone knows Wes for his artistic creativity, meticulousness, and sense of style; but what is really going on inside his head when the rest of the world sees just one side to him? Does he believe in perfection? Is he trying to prove something to others or himself? What makes him afraid of looking stupid?

    Turns out when it strip it down bare naked, WES ROBOT MACHINE MAN is just as human as you and me. Yas <3

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    #28 - Expectation vs. Reality: Pregnancy & Motherhood with Jen Chae (frmheadtotoe)

    This week we want to give the biggest YAAASSS to a dear dear sister friend of ours... Jen (frmheadtotoe)! Jen is best known for her YouTube channel, of over 10 years, for creating beauty and lifestyle tutorials for her 1.2m fans! Throughout our friendship, we've had the privilege of having intimate talks about our struggles in the industry and our careers as women. Jen is now a first time mommy to the ADORABLE Aria June and we have TONS of questions!

    We dive into the expectation vs. reality of motherhood with our vastly different experiences and discuss the pressure of societal expectations for women to be mothers. Hopefully it will help change or confirm your thoughts on whether or not you want to have a baby in the future. It did for us!

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    #27 - Procrastinating Perfection

    Ever feel the need to have and do everything as perfectly as possible? So no one will judge you, so you don't disappoint your parents, so you live up to your own expectations? Does striving for perfection prevent you from accomplishing your goals + dreams?

    Because you're afraid to fail, you never start that project you've always talked about or finish the ending to that script you've been working on for the past 6 months. Fear paralyzes us. We become terrified that the product isn't good enough or what we've envisioned. It's that little voice in our head that constantly reminds us that we could have been more.

    So how do you combat these thoughts? How do you overcome them and find the courage to start your own passion project that you've been putting off? Listen in and find out!

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    #26 - YOU are Meant to CHANGE the World!!

    Are you feeling deflated and uninspired? Do you feel lost? This week we have our most uplifting episode yet!!

    We've been there (and tbh, are still climbing our way out). We definitely know how it feels to want to make an impact, to want to find your passion, and to make that difference in the world. But where do you start? How do you just start over or take any risks without having a solid plan for the future??

    We share our thoughts and first hand experience of learning the difference between passion and a higher purpose. That is the key to moving higher and living with intention. That is the secret to finding peace and being able to share that overwhelming joy with the world.

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    #25 - Finding Your Soul Mate and Home with Wendy Nguyen (wendyslookbook)

    OMG YAAAASSS!!!! We've hit 25 episodes of PIP! We can't believe we made it! We want to thank all of you incredible, generous, and beautiful people (our PIP family) for listening and supporting us each week by sharing this very special treat: our first episode with a super special guest... the amazing and super inspirational Wendy Nguyen (wendyslookbook)!

    This week we talk about love, tips on why you should move to a new city, and soul mates. Wendy opens up about her own love journey with soul mates in people and cities: Do they exist? How does our belief in soul mates affect how we find love? And can we have multiple soul mates? We also share our love languages, how it has changed our love lives, and how we've learned to better communicate and receive love from others and ourselves!

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    #24 - The Best Life Advice

    YAYY BIRTHDAY!!!! To celebrate both of our recent birthdays, we wanted to share our greatest life advice that we would give to our younger selves and YOU! Life has definitely taught us some powerful lessons and if we can do our part to make your lives a bit easier, we would happily do so.

    CHEERS TO OUR PERFECTLY IMPERFECT FAMILY! You guys are the best birthday present we could ever ask for... #blessed

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