Perfectly Imperfect with Christine and Regina
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Perfectly Imperfect is the show where Christine and Regina share their stories as women openly and honestly. Listen in on their conversations as they talk about everything and anything from defining their self worth to laughing about awkward first dates. So grab a cup of coffee and let's share all the feels!

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    #22 - STRESSED!! HELP ME!

    Overwhelmed. Uninspired. Exhausted. These are some of the signs that you have spread yourself too thin! We are both too familiar with the feeling and know what it's like to hit rock bottom because of overbooking.

    STOP. Take a moment. Breathe. You're going to get through this, but in order to do so, you have to take the time to sloooow down. We have the tendency to overestimate how much we can handle, but it's important to take a look at where you're spending your time. Is it helping you grow? Or are you doing it for the sake of others? This week we talk about our low points of being over stressed & burnt out and how we've come out the other side finding balance and fulfillment in our lives now.

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    #21 - NOMO FOMO

    FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out. Not getting invited to a party. Watching your friends hang out without you. Seeing what other people are doing and wishing you were there. Now with social media, you can watch all the fun in real time.

    FOMO sucks! No one likes the feeling of being left out. You're either the last one to know about something or no one even bothered inviting you in the first place. You feel lonely, hurt, excluded.

    The thing is, everyone experiences FOMO on some level BUT the good news is, you can do something about it. This week, we share how we've come to say goodbye to FOMO FO GOOD!

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    #20 - I Fight Like a GIRL

    In a world that is seemingly hopeless, we can feel the odds stacked against us. So how do we win? Where do we find the strength to keep fighting? How do we make a difference?

    Insert... a superhero!

    This week, we put on our tiaras and channel our inner powers to dive into the biggest blockbuster of 2017 - Wonder Woman!! We share our thoughts about the movie, the character, & what it meant to us to see a female superhero on screen as women and women in the industry. One of our favorite quotes from Wonder Woman is "So I stay. I fight, and I give... for the world I know can be." It perfectly sums up how each of us can and will make a difference. It's when we realize that our alter ego has always been a superhero and there was always a reason we were given our powers.

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    #19 - DRAAAMA!!

    Here's the gossip on gossip: We all do it (or have done it) and it not only hurts the people you talk about, but you're also hurting yourself in the process. Gossip fuels negativity in all our lives and robs us of having genuine connections. Even when we convince ourselves it's harmless chit chat or we're just "sharing information," it all comes down our underlying intentions. Gossip has the great ability to reveal your own insecurities and internal battles which you then project onto other people.

    As we had this conversation, we also discovered and admitted to a few realities of why we gossip and how we've been making the conscious effort to reframe the way we see others and situations. At the end of the day, if we want to spread more positivity and exchange meaningful ideas & visions, then gossiping has no place in our lives. And we just ain't got time for it!

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    #18 - I Hate My Body

    For so long, the world teaches us to hate the way we look; from constantly wanting to change our natural features, to being extremely critical of every inch of our body. We constantly compare ourselves to these impossible images that we see on social/media that make us so unsatisfied with who we are. It is a daily battle to keep a positive body image of ourselves, and though we are still learning ourselves, we share how we cope with the process through self love.

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    #17 - How to Get Over Your Ex

    This is it. You've both said goodbye and now it's hitting you that it's over. It's really over.

    Take a deep breath. We got you in this episode. We know too well that feeling of complete heartbreak, doubt, and loneliness. Your soul aches and yearns for your ex. Did you make the right decision? Will you be happy again? How do you let go of not just the memories that you guys shared but also ... your best friend? The one person you've come to trust and lean on the most. Who do you go to now? What do you do now?

    We talk about our breakups and share Christine's "How to get over an Ex" rehab program! We know you'll get there because you are worthy of the type of love you've always dreamed of #huggg

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    #16 - Why Do Nice Girls Date A**holes?

    We've all heard that "Girls Like to Date Aholes," and as much as we would like to deny it as women, we have dated our fair share of aholes.

    So what's the deal? Why do nice girls date aholes? What's the appeal? If they really are aholes and these nice girls deserve someone better, why do these girls continue to stay with these guys?? And what's the real story behind nice guys who turn into aholes to get the girls? We believe these answers are something all three parties need to face (the nice guys, the aholes, and of course the nice girls). We share our own dating stories of how we've come to recognize the signs and internal reasons why we fell for a*holes.

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    #15 - How to Win at Failing

    What is wrong with me? Not good enough get into the university I wanted, not good enough to get a date, not good enough to land a job, not good enough be loved...NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

    Sound familiar? We've all had these thoughts about ourselves, and probably thought worse things in our heads. It feels like no matter how hard you try, you can't dig yourself out of this rut. We let these negative voices take over and then it's a quick downward spiral of us against the world.

    But here's the secret: failing and taking risks is what helps you level up in life. Achieving your impossible dreams is done by learning from your mistakes and taking that risk over and over again until you are molded and shaped to be the right key to unlock the next level. You'll then discover that life will open up and unfold in ways that you never thought possible! And it will happen to you because you were created specifically to fight and win those battles.

    In the meantime, take a moment to look up at the stars and breathe in how wondrous life is. It will help you see that you had the power all along to change... everything.

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    #14 - The NICE GIRL Story

    We've all heard the nice GUY story from the "nice guy's" perspective a billion times over, but what about the woman's side of the story? What goes on in her mind as her best friend confesses his love for her? Did he ever have a chance with her? What happens when a woman gets friendzoned? And why isn't a woman's "no, I'm not interested" ever enough but instead interpreted as a challenge to try harder?

    This week, we channel our innermost feels to speak out as the NICE WOMEN whose voices have been lost amongst the cries of nice guys! Just because he calls himself a nice guy, doesn't make him a good person. We share our advice to all the nice people about dealing with rejection, jerks, and realizing that you deserve someone who wants you just as much as you want them!

    And lastly, no one, no matter what gender, should ever feel guilty about not liking someone back! Chemistry can't be earned or forced. /endrant

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    #13 - I'm Sorry, I Don't Know How to Say I'm Sorry

    We've all been hurt before, and we've also hurt others. Most of us hate dealing with confrontation and have a really hard time apologizing, which leads us to tiptoeing around the actual situation and never actually resolving the issue.

    How do you get to a place where you can talk openly to the other person about your feelings and try to reach a real resolution? What if that person won't accept your apology or you're not ready to accept theirs? How do you both move on when one person refuses to forgive and forget? Can you get real closure if the other person refuses to give you one?

    Whether we did the hurting or need to do the apologizing, it's important for us to approach these situations with the right levels of maturity and sensitivity. Confronting a friend who hurt you takes a great deal of strength, but so does taking ownership of your actions and learning to apologize for your behavior. Regina shares her story of how she found the courage to confront her coworker in a difficult work situation and Christine finds peace within herself as she seeks a resolution for her tumultuous relationship with her dad.

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